Feb. 20, 2020

Why is Social Responsibility Important?

Why is social responsibility important? Well, there are several obvious reasons, breaking monotony, lifting spirits, cultivating friendship.

But the most important reason is to increase positive culture within an organization. Just think about it. People spend more time at work than with their families!!! The 40-hour workweek is almost a thing of the past. So creating strong relationships with co-workers is important.

This week we spent some time with some of our favorite people. The folks from the Walt Disney Company and their social responsibility team. Yay!

What Does Social Responsibility Mean to The Walt Disney Company?

Besides having one of the most notable characters in the world. The Walt Disney Company has a long history of philanthropy. They do great works across the nation and focus on children’s causes. Their mission states,

To be an honorable company that delivers comfort to those in need and inspiration and opportunity to those who want to improve their world.

They have several initiatives to help execute their corporate and social responsibility efforts.

Through contributions, collaborating with nonprofit organizations, in-kind gifts, and employee volunteerism, Disney brings positive, lasting change to communities around the world.

The Walt Disney Social Responsibility Summit

On Wednesday, February 12, 120 cast members from The Walt Disney Company’s Social Responsibility department came together for their 2020 Social Responsibility Summit in Burbank, CA. The Disney CSR team comes together once a year from all around the world. They use the week to learn trends, vision-cast, and of course. Give back!
Foster Love - Together We Rise is a long-standing Disney partner. Between our Disney Days events and team builds we see the VoluntEARS often. We participated as one of three non-profits hosted during Disney’s community give-back session. During our segment, Disney VoluntEARS worked together to build 40 bicycles. The teams focused on making sure each bike came together perfectly. Knowing the bikes would reach children in LA motivated everyone!

A Memorable Day

It was an awesome day, full of positive people and projects. This is our second year at the summit. Jamie Keyser, a member of the Los Angeles Community Engagement and VoluntEARS team at Disney, said,
we’re excited to have Foster Love - Together We Rise attend this event and to introduce their wonderful programs to Disney’s other regions and Social Responsibility teams.

Disney VoluntEARS have helped with several teams builds including Sweet Cases, Build-R-Bike, Build-A-Board, and Birthday Boxes. Every team build is a delight. We can’t wait to see them in the near future.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank the VoluntEARS for helping kids in foster care. Thank you kindly! The kids from Inner Circle Foster Care agency in Los Angeles benefited from the bike donation.
For those interested in corporate and social responsibility, check out how you can get involved here.

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