Sept. 25, 2020

Why Not Be A Foster Parent?


Why not be a foster parent? When it comes to the current state of foster care, there is a huge need for foster parents. Children deserve a safe home, so what is holding you back from being a foster parent?

Today we chat with Kayla Brooke about her longterm journey as a foster parent turned forever parent.

The Start

Kayla and her husband began their journey in foster care over 7 years ago at the age of 23 and 24. It was something they wanted to do to help the community. The need is huge and there aren’t people lining up to become a foster parent.

The initial intention was to foster and help kids while supporting the reunification process. But soon they met their first daughter, they took her in as an infant and once reunification was no longer possible, they wanted to make things permanent.

Baby Number 2 and 3

A few more children came in and out of their home and soon their second daughter came around and their 3rd daughter. Just like with their first child, the intention was to foster until reunification was possible. Their 3rd daughter came as an emergency placement with parental rights terminated, so they took her in with open arms and officially adopted her 7 months later.

Keeping Siblings Together

A very common thing with children in care is a displacement from their biological siblings. When Kayla found out that one of her daughters had a new sister entering foster care, she knew they wanted them to be together.

The courts were going to let birth mom work her case plan (even though there were 3 previous terminations one being ours and 2 other siblings that were adopted already) her case was long but we knew she was meant to be with her sister. We adopted Annalyse Belle Logrono on 9/15 and she makes our 4th adoption! Our girls are wild, crazy, smart, beautiful and so many more things.

Creating a Network

Kayla found her experience as a foster parent to be challenging at first. She shares,

When we first started fostering we did not have any support as our friends and family had no idea what it meant to foster. It took some time but friends and family slowly started coming around and being supportive and asking how they can help! Our girls are our greatest blessings and we would go through all the stress, heartache, unknowns, and more again and again if it meant they would be ours as they are now.

Creating a network of people who understand the journey of fostering is important. Both children and foster parents need people that can help them navigate the uncertainty of the system.

Fostering is hard, ugly, insane, and beautiful but so worth helping the kids that come into our home and become part of our family.

Why Not Be A Foster Parent?

Kayla left us with some great insight for those people who are considering becoming a foster parent, she says.

My advice also is if you are thinking about doing fostering DO IT. You don’t have to be a full-fledge foster parent right off the bat. You can do respite and care for another foster parent’s kid or kids while they go out or out of town. That in itself is HUGE for foster parents. When I get the response why foster? I say WHY NOT? We have the love and the space to give so WHY NOT!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Kayla and her family for sharing their story with us. It is so important for people to step up for children in foster care. For those thinking about ways to help, check out some opportunities with Foster Love - Together We Rise here.

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