April 25, 2019

World Penguin Day 2019

World Penguin Day 2019

Foster Love - Together We Rise loves celebrating April 25th, World Penguin Day! The day coincides with the annual northern migration of Adelie penguins. Because penguins do not fly, this march is at the speed of a walk or more realistically, a waddle.

Our affinity for penguins is more than a coincidence. The reason penguins are a Foster Love - Together We Rise mascot is because of their natural instinct to help take care of abandoned eggs that were laid by other penguins.

Often time in nature, penguins may lay more than one egg. Because, penguins usually focus on one egg, other penguins in the community help by keeping the egg safe and warm. Sometimes they even raise the baby penguin.

They are basically the “foster parents” of the wild!

With 17 penguin species, ranging from the Little Blue Penguin to the mighty Emperor Penguin, there is a type of penguin for everyone to love! Some species of penguins mate for life, while others, like the Emperor penguins, help incubate and raise chicks.

Penguins live in all types of climates from warm to cold, depending on the species. Antarctica is home to 12 million penguins alone. They spend over 75% of their time swimming in the water and reach top speeds of 15 mph.

In honor of our mascot the penguin, we are celebrating World Penguin Day by taking kids in foster care to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. This is possible thanks to our wonderful donors, like you. Help us take kids in foster care to see real live penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific! All donations are tax-deductible and those donations over $25 can get a free Penguin Plushy.


Check out our link for more information on how you can help. https://www.togetherwerise.org/world-penguin-day/

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