July 14, 2018

ZipRecruiter Team Build Donate to Foster Care


Los Angeles County is full of great companies and we’re fortunate to work with so many of them. Our HQ resides close to many of our partners, we love getting out of the office to connect with them as often as we can. Especially when there are 28,000 foster kids in Los Angeles alone, it’s important to us that we try to help children that are so close to home and donate to foster care. So when ZipRecruiter reached out to us to host two corporate service projects in Los Angeles, we jumped for joy! But they didn’t stop there, they also hosted TWO MORE team building activities in Arizona! Way to give back, ZipRecruiter!

Here’s a recap of their event held in Santa Monica, California:

Their goal was to build over 90 bikes over two days to donate to foster care so this meant all hands on deck! After we set up the staging areas, several employees came together to build the bikes for local foster kids. They built four bikes per hour in groups of three people as part of their ZipGames Competition, where teams would compete for spirit coins to help win prizes at their annual festival. The teams played “Name That Song” while they built the bikes. They were all laughing and having a grand ol’ time. It was a very loud and energetic atmosphere.

zip recruiter build a bike team building event in los angeles california to help kids in foster care”zip

ZipRecruiter built their bikes in teams which were based on colors. Teams were chosen throughout the year and they gave back together at different activities. Team members made sure all the teams were quality checking their bikes to make sure they were safe to ride. They had AWESOME balloon setups at all of their events as well! The teams built adult bikes for older teens that will allow them to get to work and school.

zip recruiter build a bike team building event in los angeles california to help kids in foster care”zip

During our time at their team building activity, we also helped educate and inform volunteers about foster care. As a result of this corporate team building event, 91 foster teens within the Los Angeles, California area will be impacted by this team’s service. So thank you to ZipRecruiter for joining us to help better the lives of children in foster care!

So where did the finished bikes go? 40 bikes went to CSUF and Pomona Guardian Scholars, 21 bikes went to Penny Lane Center in North Hollywood, and 30 bikes went to ABC Foster Family Agency in Santa Ana!

If you’d like to get involved in your local community, donate to foster care and want to learn more about Bike Build service projects , click here. For more details about other team building activities in Los Angeles, California, click here.

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