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About five (5) years ago I was on my way home from Seattle on a JetBlue flight and an ad showed for an organization called Foster Love.

That video had me in tears within the first 10 seconds as I learned that 80% of foster children move from house to house with all of their belongings in a trash bag.

Danny, the founder of Foster Love, had an initial goal of making sure those kids had a proper duffle bag and a stuffed animal that they could take with them.

From there, Danny expanded his vision and started doing a number of extraordinary events that serve as team building events for his corporate donors like my company, Channel Bakers.

In 2019, Channel Bakers joined Foster Love and dozens of corporate partners and volunteers at Disneyland to reunite over 350 Southern Californian siblings separated in foster care.

I'm partnering with Stark Fitness for their Annual Stark Naked contest. My primary goal is to raise $15,000 on behalf of Foster Love and children in foster care.

Josh on a bike

Secondly, I'm joining Stark Fitness's Stark Naked contest to pursue my own personal growth journey. Growing up I was always the scrawny kid amongst my friends, almost like Steve Rogers before he became Captain America. My friends would make jokes calling me names like “small fry,” and yeah, I was an easy target for bullies.

As I entered my early 30's, I was still eating like I did in my 20's and after a few years, I was getting pretty obese. I have always loved riding a bike, so when I finally made the decision to do something about my weight, I jumped on a bike. Within a few months, I lost over 40lbs which brought me a tremendous feeling of self-worth and confidence that I had never experienced.

I lost over 40lbs which brought me a trememdous feeling of self-worth and confidence...

Since then, I've kept the weight off. Through Stark Naked, I'm hoping to reach a new level of fitness by gaining and maintaining new muscle mass.

Truth be told, since starting my advertising business 7-years ago, I haven't been riding my bike. I haven't been taking care of myself or my health. Stress-induced tension headaches and sleepless nights were the wake-up call I needed.

I know this going to be pretty challenging for me. But I'm absolutely confident that my Stark team has my back and will help me see this through to the end. The discipline and accountability needed to accomplish this goal will surely leave a lasting impact in all areas of my life, including in my business and home.

This is an amazing opportunity with amazing people hosting a program to help me achieve a goal I've held since my childhood.

Josh holding the bike

At the end of the day, I know that this is a prolific moment in my life. One where I can finally fulfill my scrawny kid dream of having strong arms and a six pack. Maybe not Captain America sized arms, but I know the outcome I want for myself is to feel confident. That I can stand up and defend myself and my family if I am ever crossed by a bully again.

I'm grateful to partner with my Stark peeps to reach this goal.

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