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Why Are Siblings In Foster Care Placed In Different Homes?

When children enter foster care the immediate goal is finding each child a safe placement. Since most removals happen quickly, finding one home that can host multiple children is difficult. This explains why 70% of siblings in foster care are in separate placements.

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How You Can Help

Encouraging people to become foster parents is one step but the reality is that not everyone has the ability to open their home. Knowing this, we began hosting sibling reunification events at the most prolific locations for children.

For over a decade, we've created life-long memories for thousands of siblings during our reunification events at Disneyland, Six Flags, and other exciting theme parks. JOIN US in reuniting hundreds of siblings this year. Help them share a joyful experience and memories that will last a lifetime. Help them spend a worry-free day together, a day where they can just be kids.

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The harsh reality facing siblings in foster care

Take a look at some of the realities facing siblings in foster care.

2 Min

Every 2 minutes a child enters the foster care system


Up to 70% of siblings in foster care are separated

96 %

96% of children in foster care have a sibling who has een a constant presence in their lives


50% of foster youth have a sibling they hope to be adopted with

Help Create Lasting Memories

The easiest way to support sibling reunification events is by making a tax-deductible donation. Your generous gift of any amount helps make sibling reunification events possible.

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Make A Bigger Impact- Start A Fundraiser

Help raise funds and awareness for siblings in foster care. Sibling reunification fundraisers not only support the event directly, but they also help others learn about the needs within foster care.